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Romary Associates is your turnkey solution to commercial construction

Specializing in design builds of financial institutions and with over 50 years in business, we know how to get the job done on time and on budget. From the start, we will acquire land, space plan, break ground and design a space that fits your individual needs. We specialize in taking the time to know you and your business to guide you into the proper space.

The benefits of partnering with Romary Associates

You're ready to build your new facility. All of the sudden the Board pressures you to use a certain contractor. Are they right for you? There are 13 others in town. Who will you choose? There's a piece of land for sale you think is right for your new site. How can you be sure? Will they raise the price once they know who is looking?

What About...

Do you have every permit in place? Do you have the time to meet with the local governments?


This affects more than just a parking spot. We know every aspect to cover.


Stop work orders due to zoning can really delay your project.


Have peace of mind from the moment the first shovel hits the ground knowing that you're avoiding costly remediation later.


The most expensive space is wasted space.


We have relationships with top notch suppliers.

With Romary Associates as your partner, we know the way to get around these and many more situations.

Award Winning

Our largest award is a happy customer

Recipient of the 2006 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics for businesses with 1-10 employees .
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Founded in 1968
Where it all began

In 1968, Ed Romary was ready for a new adventure. While sitting on a park bench in Foster Park, he thought up an idea that felt like it was the right fit. Jumping in both feet first, he made successful relationships with several businessmen and was off and running.

Time for a change. With a growing family to care for, decisions had to be made. Ed sat one day and contemplated these and many more things and concluded it was time to do it on his own. Romary Associates was born.

The company's first customer was a small barbershop on the East side of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The early years started by selling furniture. The company moved to a space rich with family history. There they created a showroom and sold a contract for furniture for 86 rooms of a local hotel.

Subsequent years saw more furniture sales. A problem started presenting itself that the customers couldn't layout the furniture adequately. Romary filled a growing need for space planning. Parkview Hospital's school of nursing and St. Joe Hospital's school of nursing became a few of those first customers for space planning.

The growing space planning field led to a need from Indiana Bank. Indiana bank shortly thereafter merged and ultimately created Summit Bank. That inheritance brought 540 employees and 8 buildings that needed help with flow and function.

After becoming a Westinghouse furniture dealer in Northeastern Indiana, an opportunity arose to fill a need for an Indianapolis, Indiana Bank - Federal Home Loan Bank. At that time there were 4 floors that needed space planning. Being cautious after a bad experience with another Westinghouse dealer, Romary started bit by bit until confidence was restored for the customer. Thereafter the customer moved to a new building and Romary received the much sought after opportunity to layout their new location.

Romary transitioned around this time to providing construction services in addition to laying out the space. Edging closer to the turn-key service we are today.

Romary added modular construction to their growing list of services. Romary saw the opportunity to keep building even in the cold months allowing businesses to open their doors sooner thus maximizing profits.

With the growing modular construction business, Romary purchased a space where they could manufacturer the buildings themselves. Through the years this location saw over 30 commercial buildings move through its warehouse.

Deciding to partner with larger manufacturing companies, Romary was able to refine their framework allowing them to focus on the details of the project and the customers needs. The Manufacturing warehouse was no longer needed and Romary returned to its original location.

After a busy 2019 summer completing multiple projects, Romary will be hard at work, rain or shine...or through the snow. Watch our news page for more upcoming events.